Deceased Football Autographs

Buried With Their Cleats On

This index lists which position/category (in parentheses) each deceased player is listed in.  Players without a position/category (in blue font) are in my other vintage football autograph web site.  Simply click on their name to go to the other web site to view their entry.  Use the back arrow to return again to this web site.  Running backs include halfbacks, tailbacks, wingbacks, and blocking backs.  Defensive backs comprise linebackers, cornerbacks, safety, etc.  Receivers include various kinds of ends and flankers.

- A -

Adamle, Tony

Adams, Henry  (Centers)

Adams, O'Neal  (Receivers)

Adams, Verlin "Sparky"  (Receivers)

Adduci, Nick "Bull"  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Adkins, Bob  (Quarterbacks)

Agase, Alex

Agee, Sam  (Fullbacks)

Albert, Frankie  (Quarterbacks)

Albrecht, Art  (Centers)

Aldrich, Charles C. "Ki"

Alfonse, Jules "Julie"

Alfson, Warren  (Guards)

Allen, Lou  (Tackles)

Ambrose, John V. "Whitey"

Amling, Warren   (Guards)

Andros, Plato   (Guards)

Andrulewicz, Theodore "Tuffy"

Ane, Charlie  (Centers)

Angsman, Elmer

Atkeson, Dale  (Fullbacks)

Audet, Earle "Streaky"  (Tackles)

Avinger, Clarence "Butch"   (Quarterbacks)

- B -

Badaczewski, John  (Guards)

Badgro, Morris "Red"  (Pro Hall of Fame)

Bagnell, Francis "Reds"  (Runnning Backs)

Bailey, Byron  (Runnning Backs)

Baldwin, Burr  (Receivers)

Banjavic, Emil  (Runnning Backs)

Barber, Jim

Barker, Hub  (Fullbacks)

Barle, Lou  (Quarterbacks)

Barnett, Solon  (Guards)

Barrett, Emmett (Centers)

Bartholomew, Sam  (Fullbacks)

Bass, Dick  (Runnning Backs)

Bassett, Maurice “Mo”  (Runnning Backs)

Baysinger, Reaves H. "Ribs"

Beals, Alyn  (Receivers)

Beatty, Ed  (Centers)

Bechtol, Hub  (Receivers)

Beck, Ray  (Guards)

Beebe, Keith  (Fullbacks)

Beinor, Ed

Belichick, Steve  (Fullbacks)

Benson, George  (Fullbacks)

Benton, Jim

Bentz, Roman  (Tackles)

Berezney, Pete  (Tackles)

Berry, J. Howard "Nig"  (Runnning Backs)

Berry, Rex  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Bertagnolli, Libero  (Guards)

Bertelli, Angelo  (Quarterbacks)

Berwanger, Jay  (Runnning Backs)

Bettencourt, Larry  (Centers)

Biancone, John  (Quarterbacks)

Bienemann, Tom  (Receivers)

Bilbo, Jonathan  (Guards)

Bilda, Dick  (Runnning Backs)

Bishop, Bill  (Tackles)

Bjorklund, Bob  (Centers)

Blackburn, Bill  (Centers)

Bleeker, Mel  (Runnning Backs)

Blount, Lamar  (Receivers)

Bock, Edward  (Guards)

Bogden, Pete  (Receivers)

Bookman, John  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Bookout, Billy  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Borrelli, Nick

Borton, John  (Quarterbacks)

Bosley, Bruce  (Centers)

Bostick, Lew  (Guards)

Bottari, Vic  (Runnning Backs)

Bowser, Arda  (Fullbacks)

Box, Cloyce  (Receivers)

Boydston, Max  (Receivers)

Boyer, Verdi  (Guards)

Bradshaw, Charlie  (Tackles)

Bray, Ray

Brazinsky, Sam  (Centers)

Briante, Frank

Britt, Maurice  (Receivers)

Brovelli, Angelo

Brown, Ed  (Quarterbacks)

Brown, Hardy

Brown, Paul

Brown, Raymond "Tay"  (Tackles)

Brown, Roosevelt  (Pro Hall of Fame)

Bruce, Gail  (Receivers)

Buchanan, Buck  (Pro Hall of Fame)

Buckeye, Garland "Gob"  (Guards)

Buffington, Harry  (Guards)

Bumgardner, Rex  (Runnning Backs)

Bunnell, Phil "Tibby"  (Quarterbacks)

Burk, Adrian  (Quarterbacks)

Burnett, Dale

Burnette, Thomas  (Runnning Backs)

Burris, Paul Buddy  (Guards)

Burroughs, Don  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Burrus, Harry  (Receivers)

Buss, Art

- C -

Caddel, Ernie

Cafego, George  (Runnning Backs)

Camp, Jim  (Runnning Backs)

Campbell, Leon  (Fullbacks)

Canadeo, Tony  (Pro Hall of Fame)

Canale, Rocco  (Tackles)

Canella, John M.  (Tackles)

Cantor, Izzy  (Runnning Backs)

Caranci, Roland   (Tackles)

Cardinal, Fred  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Cardwell, Lloyd  (Runnning Backs)

Carideo, Frank  (Quarterbacks)

Carideo, Fred 

Carnelly, Ray  (Quarterbacks)

Carroll, Charles O. "Chuck"  (Runnning Backs)

Case, Ernie  (Quarterbacks)

Castiglia, Jim  (Fullbacks)

Catlin, Tom  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Cavosie, John 

Chapman, Sam  (Runnning Backs)

Chickerneo, John 

Chickillo, Nick  (Guards)

Chipley, Bill  (Receivers)

Chipman, Dee  (Quarterbacks)

Christensen, Frank 

Cibulas, Joe  (Tackles)

Cifers, Ed  (Receivers)

Cifers, Bob  (Runnning Backs)

Clatt, Corwin  (Fullbacks)

Cleary, Paul  (Receivers)

Coatta, John  (Quarterbacks)

Cochran, John "Red"  (Runnning Backs)

Coleman, Herbie  (Centers)

Colhouer, Jake  (Guards)

Collins, A. H. "Rip"  (Runnning Backs)

Collins, W. H. "Spot"  (Guards)

Comer, Marty  (Receivers)

Conerly, Charlie  (Quarterbacks)

Conger, Mel  (Receivers)

Conlee, Gerry  (Centers)

Connolly, Harry "Mickey"  (Runnning Backs)

Connor, George

Cook, Leon  (Tackles)

Cooper, Bill "Bud"  (Quarterbacks)

Corbo, Tom  (Guards)

Corbus, Bill  (Guards)

Cornsweet, Al  (Fullbacks)

Corzine, Les

Cosner, Don  (Runnning Backs)

Coulter, Tex  (Tackles)

Couppee, Al  (Quarterbacks)

Coutre, Larry  (Runnning Backs)

Cowan, Bob  (Runnning Backs)

Cowhig, Gerry  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Crain, Jack  (Runnning Backs)

Crain, Milton  (Tackles)

Crawford, Denver  (Tackles)

Crimmins, Bernard  (Guards)

Croft, Winfield  (Guards)

Crowl, Richard “Bernie”  (Centers)

Crowley, Joe  (Receivers)

Cudzik, Walt  (Centers)

Cuff, Ward  (Runnning Backs)

Cutter, Slade  (Tackles)

Czarobski, Zygmont "Ziggy"  (Guards)

- D -

Daddio, Bill

Daffer, Ted

D'Agostino, Frank  (Guards)

Dana, Sam  (Running Backs)

Daniell, Averell "Ave"

Danowski, Ed

Daukas, Lou

Daukas, Nick  (Tackles)

David, Jim  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Davis, Andy  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Davis, Glenn  (Running Backs)

Davis, Jerry  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Davlin, Mike  (Tackles)

Day, Eagle  (Quarterbacks)

Deal, Rufus  (Fullbacks)

de Correvont, Bill

DeFilippo, Lou  (Centers)

Dekdebrun, Allen

De Lauer, Bob  (Centers)

DeMao, Al  (Centers)

Deremer, Art  (Centers)

Devaney, Bob

Devine, Dan  (Coaches)

Dewell, Billy  (Receivers)

Dewveall, Will (Receivers)

Diehl, Dave  (Receivers)

Disend, Leo  (Tackles)

Dobbs, Glenn  (Running Backs)

Domnanovich, Joe  (Centers) 

Don Carlos, Waldo

Donelli, Al  (Running Backs)

Doolan, Jack  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Dooley, Jim  (Receivers)

Doran, Jim  (Receivers)

Dougherty, Phil  (Centers)

Dove, Bob  (Receivers)

Dow, Woody  (Quarterbacks)

Dowda, Harry  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Doyle, Ted  (Tackles)

Drazenovich, Chuck  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Dreyer, Wally  (Running Backs)

Drulis, Al  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Druze, Johnnie

Duckworth, Joe  (Receivers)

Duhart, Paul  (Running Backs)

Dunstan, Elwyn "Moose"  (Tackles)

- E -

Eakin, Kay

Earhart, Ralph  (Running Backs)

Ebli, Raymond  (Receivers)

Edwards, Dan  (Receivers)

Eliason, Don  (Receivers)

Elrod, Erwin "Buddy"  (Receivers)

Elter, Leo  (Fullbacks)

Emerick, Bob  (Tackles)

Emerson, Ox 

Evans, Dick  (Receivers)

Evans, Fred "Dippy"  (Running Backs)

Evans, Lon

Evans, Murray  (Quarterbacks) 

Evans, Ray  (Quarterbacks) 

Evensen, Paul  (Guards) 

Ewbank, Weeb

- F -

Falkenstein, Tony  (Fullbacks)

Farkas, Andy  (Running Backs)

Farris, Tom  (Quarterbacks)

Faurot, Don  (Coaches)

Fears, Tom  (Pro Hall of Fame) 

Feathers, Beattie

Federovitch, John

Ferguson, Howie  (Fullbacks)

Ferrante, Jack  (Receivers)

Ferraro, John  (Tackles) 

Ferris, Neil  (Defensive Backs/Ends

Ferry, Lou  (Tackles)

Fesler, Wes

Fife, Ralph  (Guards)

Filchock, Frank  (Quarterbacks)

Filipski, Gene  (Running Backs)

Filley, Pat  (Guards)

Finn, Barney  (Quarterbacks)

Finnin, Tom  (Tackles)

Fisk, Bill  (Receivers) 

Fiss, Galen  (Defensive Backs/Ends

Fivaz, Bill  (Guards) 

Flaherty, Ray  (Pro Hall of Fame) 

Florence, Paul  (Receivers)

Ford, Gerald R.  (Centers) 

Forester, George "Bill"  (Defensive Backs/Ends

Forrest, Eddie  (Centers) 

Forte, Aldo

Forte, Bob  (Running Backs) 

Fortmann, Dan

Foster, Ralph  (Tackles) 

Fraley, Jim  (Running Backs)

Francis, Harrison "Sam"

Franckhauser, Tom  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Frank, Clinton  (Running Backs)

Frankowski, Ray  (Guards)

Freeman, Bobby  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

French, Walt  (Running Backs)

Frick, Ray  (Centers)

Frketich, Leonard  (Tackles)

Fugler, Dick  (Tackles)

- G -

Gagnon, Roy

Gallarneau, Hugh

Gallovich, Tony  (Running Backs)

Gambino, Lou  (Running Backs)

Gambold, Bob  (Quarterbacks)

Garbisch, Edgar  (Centers)

Garlin, Don  (Running Backs)

Garnaas, Bill  (Quarterbacks)

Gasparella, Joe  (Quarterbacks)

Gatski, Frank

Gaudio, Bob

Gay, Bill  (Running Backs)

Gehrke, Fred  (Running Backs)

Geri, Joe  (Running Backs)

Giannelli, Mario  (Guards)

Giannoni, John  (Receivers)

Gibson, George  (Guards)

Giel, Paul  (Running Backs)

Gift, Wayne  (Running Backs)

Gill, Sloko  (Centers)

Gillman, Sid  (Pro Hall of Fame)

Girard, Earl "Jug"  (Running Backs)

Godwin, Bill  (Centers)

Goldberg, Marshall

Gonya, Bob

Gonzaga, John  (Tackles)

Goode, Bob  (Fullbacks)

Goodnight, Clyde  (Receivers)

Gorgone, Pete  (Running Backs)

Graham, Otto

Grandelius, Sonny  (Running Backs)

Grange, Red

Gremminger, Hank  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Grgich, Visco  (Tackles)

Griffin, Don  (Running Backs)

Grigas, Johnny  (Fullbacks)

Grimes, Billy Joe  (Running Backs)

Groom, Jerry  (Tackles)

Groomes, Mel  (Running Backs)

Grosvenor, George  (Running Backs)

Groza, Lou

Gudauskas, Pete  (Guards)

Gutknecht, Al  (Guards)

- H -

Haines, "Hinkey"

Hall, Forrest  (Running Backs)

Hall, Parker  (Quarterbacks)

Hamilton, Robert "Bones"  (Running Backs)

Hamilton, Tom  (Running Backs)

Hammack, Mal  (Fullbacks)

Hanlon, Bob  (Running Backs)

Hannah, Herb  (Tackles)

Hanner, Dave  (Tackles)

Hanson, Vic

Harder, Pat

Harmon, Tom

Harrison, Granville  (Receivers)

Hart, Leon  (Receivers) 

Hart, Leslie  (Quarterbacks)

Hartley, Howard  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Hartman, Bill  (Running Backs)

Hatley, John  (Guards)

Heath, Leon  (Fullbacks)

Hecker, Norb  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Hegarty, Bill  (Tackles)

Heimsch, John

Hein, Mel

Heinrich, Don  (Quarterbacks)

Henderson, Herbert

Hennessy, Jerry  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Herber, Arnie  (Pro Hall of Fame)

Heywood, Ralph  (Receivers)

Hickerson, Gene  (Pro Hall of Fame)

Hickey, Howard  (Receivers)

Higgins, Luke  (Guards)

Hill, Dan "Tiger"  (Centers)

Hillenbrand, Billy  (Running Backs)

Hinkle, Carl  (Centers)

Hinkle, Jack  (Running Backs)

Hirsch, Elroy

Hobbs, Homer  (Guards)

Hock, John  (Guards)

Hoel, Bob  (Guards)

Hoffman, Jack  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Hoffman, Wayne "Bob"  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Hoffmann, Frank "Nordy"  (Guards)

Hokuf, Steve  (Receivers)

Holdash, Irv "Huck"  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Holovak, Mike  (Fullbacks)

Horrell, Edwin "Babe"  (Centers)

Horstmann, Roy  (Fullbacks)

Horvath, Les

Houghton, Jerry  (Tackles)

Houston, Lindell

Hovious, John  (Running Backs)

Howell, Earl "Dixie"  (Running Backs)

Hrabetin, Frank  (Tackles)

Huffman, Vernon  (Quarterbacks)

Humbert, Dick  (Receivers)

Humble, Weldon

Hummon, J. Mack "Mousie"  (Receivers)

Humphrey, Paul  (Centers)

Hunt, Lamar  (Pro Hall of Fame)

Hutchison, Elvin  (Running Backs)

Hutson, Don  (Pro Hall of Fame)

- I -

- J -

Jacunski, Harry

James, Dick  (Running Backs)

James, Ted

James, Tommy

Janowicz, Vic  (Running Backs)

Jansante, Val  (Receivers)

Jarmoluk, Mike  (Tackles)

Jeffries, Bob  (Guards)

Jenkins, Bob  (Running Backs)

Jocher, Art  (Guards)

Johnson, Clyde  (Tackles)

Johnson, Farnham  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Johnson, John Henry 

Johnson, Pearce  (Coaches)

Johnston, Chester "Swede"  (Fullbacks)

Jones, Art  (Running Backs)

Jones, Edgar

Jones, Ellis "Bones"  (Guards)

Jones, Ralph  (Receivers)

Jurich, Mike  (Tackles)

Jurkiewicz, Walt  (Centers)

Justice, Charlie  (Running Backs)

Justice, Ed  (Running Backs) 

- K -

Kaer, Morton

Kahler, Royal  (Tackles)

Kane, Russell

Karp, Ed  (Tackles)

Karwales, Jack  (Receivers)

Kasap, Mike  (Tackles)

Kasper, Cy  (Guards)

Kavanaugh, Ken

Keane, Tom  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Kearns, Tom  (Tackles)

Keeling, Ray  (Tackles)

Keller, Ken  (Running Backs)

Kelley, Larry  (Receivers)

Kemp, Ray  (Tackles)

Kennedy, Bill  (Receivers)

Kerasiotis, Nick  (Guards)

Kercher, Bob  (Receivers)

Kerkorian, Gary  (Quarterbacks)

Keuper, Ken  (Running Backs)

Kichefski, Walt  (Receivers)

Kiick, George  (Fullbacks)

Kimble, Frank  (Receivers)

Kimbrough, John  (Fullbacks)

King, Ed  (Guards)

Kinscherf, Carl  (Fullbacks)

Kissell, John  (Tackles)

Kissell, Vito  (Defensive Backs)

Kitzmiller, John  (Fullbacks)

Klapstein, Earl  (Tackles)

Kline, Harry "Jiggs"  (Receivers)

Klosterman, Don  (Quarterbacks)

Klumb, John  (Receivers)

Knorr, Larry  (Receivers)

Knutson, Gene  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Kodba, Joe  (Centers)

Kolberg, Elmer  (Receivers)

Koniszewski, John  (Tackles)

Konz, Ken  (Running Backs)

Koshlap, Julie  (Tackles)

Kostka, Stan  (Fullbacks)

Kramer, Sid  (Fullbacks)

Krause, Ed "Moose"  (Tackles)

Krejci, Joe  (Tackles)

Kriss, Howie  (Running Backs)

Kristufek, Frank  (Tackles)

Krueger, Al  (Receivers)

Ksionzyk, John  (Quarterbacks)

Kuczynski, Bert  (Receivers)

Kulbitski, Vic  (Fullbacks)

Kusserow, Lou  (Running Backs)

Kutner, Mal  (Receivers)

Kvaternik, Zvonimir  (Guards)

- L -

Ladd, Ernie  (Tackles)

Landry, Tom  (Pro Hall of Fame)

Lane, Clayt  (Tackles)

Lane, Dick  (Pro Hall of Fame)

Lange, Bill  (Guards)

Lavelli, Dante "Gluefingers"  (Pro Hall of Fame)

Law, Hubbard

Layden, Pete

Leathers, Milton "Red"

Leckonby, Bill  (Running Backs)

Lecture, Jim  (Guards)

Ledbetter, Toy  (Running Backs)

Leemans, Tuffy  (Pro Hall of Fame)

LeForce, Clyde  (Quarterbacks)

Leggett, Earl  (Tackles)

Lemek, Ray  (Tackles)

Lester, Darrell

Levanitis, Steve  (Tackles)

Levy, Leonard  (Guards)

Lewis, Ernie  (Fullbacks)

Liebel, Frank  (Receivers)

Lillywhite, Verl  (Running Backs)

Lindskog, Vic  (Centers)

Lininger, Jack  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Livingston, Howie  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Logan, Jim  (Guards)

Logel, Bob  (Receivers)

Losch, Jack  (Running Backs)

Luckman, Sid

Luft, Don  (Receivers)

Lukens, Jim  (Receivers)

Lund, Bill  (Running Backs)

Lund, Francis "Pug"

Lundy, Lamar  (Receivers)

Lutz, Larry 

- M -

McAfee, John  (Running Backs)

MacAfee, Ken  (Receivers)

McChesney, Bob  (Receivers)

McClung, Willie  (Tackles)

McDonald, Walt  (Centers)

McFadden, Banks  (Running Backs)

McFadden, Marv  (Guards)

McFadin, Lewis "Bud"  (Guards)

McGarry, Barney  (Guards)

McGee, Max  (Receivers)

McGibbony, Charles "Dub"  (Running Backs)

McGraw, Thurman "Fum"  (Tackles)

McHan, Lamar  (Quarterbacks)

McKalip, Bill  (Receivers)

McKee, Paul  (Receivers)

McLaughry, John  (Running Backs)

Macleod, Bob  (Running Backs)

McPeak, Bill (Receivers)

MacPhee, Waddy  (Running Backs)

McPherson, Forrest "Aimie"  (Tackles)

McWilliams, Tom  (Running Backs)

Maddock, Bob  (Guards)

Magee, John  (Guards)

Mallouf, Ray  (Quarterbacks)

Maniaci, Sam  (Running Backs)

Manske, Edgar "Eggs"

Manton, Taldon "Tillie"  (Running Backs)

Manzini, Bap  (Centers)

Maple, Howard  (Running Backs)

Mara, Wellington  (Pro Hall of Fame)

Marefos, Andy  (Fullbacks)

Margucci, Joe  (Running Backs)

Marhefka, Joe  (Running Backs)

Marino, Vic  (Guards)

Markov, Vic  (Tackles)

Martin, Jim  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Masini, Leonard  (Fullbacks)

Mason, Joel  (Receivers)

Masters, Walt  (Running Backs)

Matisi, John  (Tackles)

Matuszczak, Walter  (Running Backs)

Meeks, Bryant  (Centers)

Meinert, Dale  (Guards)

Melinkovich, George

Mello, Jim  (Fullbacks)

Merritt, Frank  (Tackles)

Meyer, Fred  (Receivers)

Mickal, Abe  (Running Backs)

Miller, Charles "Ookie"  (Centers)

Miller, Creighton  (Running Backs)

Miller, Paul  (Centers)

Milner, Charles "Bill"  (Guards)

Minisi, Anthony "Skip"  (Running Backs)

Mitchell, Charles  (Running Backs)

Mobley, Rudy "Doc"  (Running Backs)

Moe, Hal  (Running Backs)

Monaco, Ray  (Guards)

Monfort, Avery  (Quarterbacks)

Montgomery, Cliff  (Quarterbacks)

Morales, Gonzalo  (Running Backs)

Morris, Max  (Receivers)

Morrison, Maynard  (Centers)

Morse, Ray "Butch"

Mortell, Emmett  (Running Backs)

Morze, Frank  (Centers)

Mosley, Russ  (Running Backs)

Motley, Marion

Moynihan, Dick  (Running Backs)

Muehlheuser, Frank  (Fullbacks)

Muha, Joe  (Fullbacks) 

Musso, George

Mutryn, Chet  (Running Backs)

- N -

Nagurski, Bronko

Naumetz, Fred  (Centers)

Nelson, Don "Red"  (Guards)

Nelson, Evert  (Tackles) 

Nelson, Frank  (Running Backs)

Nery, Carl  (Guards)

Newman, Harry

Nickel, Elbie  (Receivers)

Nitschke, Ray  (Pro Hall of Fame)

Nix, Emery  (Quarterbacks)

Nobile, Leo  (Guards)

Nolan, Dick  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Nolting, Ray

Nomellini, Leo  (Pro Hall of Fame)

Noppenberg, John  (Receivers)

Norby, John

Novotny, Ray

Nowogroski, Ed  (Fullbacks)

Nussbaumer, Bob  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Nutter, Buzz  (Centers)

Nuzum, Jerry  (Running Backs)

- O -

Obee, Duncan  (Centers)

O'Boyle, Harry  (Running Backs)

O'Connor, Bill "Bucky"  (Guards)

Olson, Oliver  (Fullbacks)

Olszewski, John  (Fullbacks)

Oosterbaan, Bennie  (Coaches)

O'Quinn, John "Red"  (Receivers)

O'Rourke, Charlie  (Running Backs)

Osmanski, Bill

Ostrowski, Chet  (Receivers)

Oxley, Garver  (Guards) 

- P-Q -

Paffrath, Bob  (Running Backs)

Page, Paul  (Running Backs)

Palazzi, Lou  (Centers)

Panfil, Ken  (Tackles)

Parker, Jackie  (Quarterbacks)

Parker, Jim  (Pro Hall of Fame)

Parker, Joe  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Parmer, Jim  (Running Backs)

Paschal, Bill  (Fullbacks)

Pasquariello, Ralph  (Fullbacks)

Patrick, John  (Quarterbacks)

Paul, Don  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Payton, Walter  (Pro Hall of Fame)

Peabody, Endicott "Chub"  (Guards)

Peebles, Jim  (Receivers)

Pellegrini, Bob  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Pellington, Bill  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Petrilas, Bill  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Petro, Steve  (Guards)

Pfann, George  (Quarterbacks)

Piccolo, Bill  (Centers)

Piepul, Milt  (Fullbacks)

Piggott, Bert  (Running Backs)

Pilconis, Joe

Pingel, Johnny  (Running Backs)

Pirro, Rocco  (Guards)

Plum, Milt  (Quarterbacks)

Pollard, Al  (Fullbacks)

Pool, Hamp  (Receivers)

Poole, Barney  (Receivers)

Poole, Ray  (Receivers)

Popovich, Milt  (Fullbacks)

Postus, Al  (Running Backs)

Bill Potter  (Coaches) 

Prchlik, John  (Tackles)

Preas, George  (Tackles)

Prescott, Harold "Ace"  (Receivers)

Presnell, Glenn

Preston, Pat

Price, Charles "Cotton"  (Quarterbacks)

Pritchard, Bosh  (Running Backs)

Provo, Fred  (Running Backs)

Putman, Earl  (Centers)

- R -

Radovich, Bill  (Guards)

Ragazzo, Phil  (Tackles)

Ragunas, Vince  (Running Backs)

Ramsey, Garrard "Buster"  (Guards)

Ramsey, Knox  (Guards)

Rankin, Walt  (Running Backs)

Rast, Holt  (Receivers)

Ratterman, George  (Quarterbacks)

Rauch, John  (Quarterbacks)

Reichardt, Bill  (Fullbacks)

Reid, Floyd "Breezy"  (Running Backs)

Reinhard, Bob  (Tackles)

Renfro, Dick  (Fullbacks)

Renfro, Ray  (Receivers)

Repko, Joe

Reynolds, Billy  (Running Backs)

Reynolds, Bob "Horse"  (Tackles)

Ricca, Jim  (Tackles)

Rich, Herb  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Richeson, Ray  (Guards)

Richins, Aldo

Rieth, Bill  (Centers)

Ringo, Jim  (Pro Hall of Fame)

Ringwalt, Carroll  (Centers)

Roberts, Guy  (Running Backs)

Robinson, Karl  (Centers)

Roby, Doug  (Running Backs)

Rockenbach, Lyle  (Guards)

Rockwell, Hank  (Centers)

Rodgers, Hosea  (Fullbacks)

Rogalla, John  (Fullbacks)

Rogel, Fran  (Fullbacks)

Rogers, Cullen  (Running Backs)

Roman, George  (Tackles)

Root, Jim  (Quarterbacks)

Rote, Kyle

Rote, Tobin  (Quarterbacks)

Roton, Herbert  (Receivers)

Roudebush, George

Rozelle, Pete  (Pro Hall of Fame)

Ruetz, Howie  (Tackles)

Ruetz, Joe  (Guards)

Ruskusky, Roy  (Defensive Backs/Ends)

Russell, Jack  (Receivers)

Russell, Torance "Bo"  (Tackles)

Ryan, Ed  (Receivers)

Ryan, Kent  (Running Backs)

Rymkus, Lou

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