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Dribbling the Ball

Although I first started collecting vintage football autographs in the late 1980s, my collecting interests soon branched out to other sports. That happened after I began reading the sports pages of old newspapers on microfilm.  I discovered the old sports cartoons. These cartoons were popular from after the turn of the century and started to disappear in newspapers about the late 1950s.  The graphic images created by these wonderful cartoonists really appealed to me.  I thought these old sports cartoons would make a wonderful medium for collecting autographs. Not only were they great visual images, but they gave historical context and information about the career of the athlete.  Thus my collection of vintage basketball autographs extends into those who played in the 1920s and who were featured in these great old cartoons.

Each cartoonist was distinct in his style.  Some newspapers had their own in-house cartoonist while others were syndicated and their drawings appeared in newspapers across the country. Tom Paprocki (or Pap) was may favorite, but I also liked Alan Maver and Jack Sords. Although this website focuses on basketball, I have a vast collection of vintage baseball, track and field, golf, tennis, boxing, Olympics, and football autographs. My vintage sports autograph collection numbers in the thousands. I have a different website for each sport. Connect to my other sports sites on the "Links" page.

I still collect autographs, but not in such a frenzied manner as I did in the late 1980s and 1990s. I think it is now time to share these wonderful old athletes, what I have learned about them, and their autographs with you.

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LAST UPDATED:  September 23, 2012

Index to Players/Positions

Players and coaches featured on this website include the following (with position/category in parentheses, i.e., HOF=Hall of Fame Player, C=Center, COA=Coaches, etc.). Those deceased are in italics:

- A -

John "Brooms" Abramovic (F)

O'Neal Adams (F)

Warren Ajax (G)

Gene Anderson (F)

Paul Arizin (HOF)

Red Auerbach (COA)

- B -

Lou "Fats" Barle (F)

Ernie Beck (G)

Walt Bellamy (HOF)

Gene Berce (G)

Louis "Boze" Berger (F)

Ron Bonham (F)

George Bonsalle (F)

Vince "Moose" Boryla (F)

Lou Boudreau (G)

Harry Boykoff (C)

Morris "Bucky" Buckwalter (COA)

Tom Burleson (C)

- C -

Barney Cable (F)

Ernie Calverly (G)

Howard Cann (COA)

Lou Carnesecca (COA)

Rod Caudill (F)

Len Chappell (F)

Leroy Chollet (F)

Bobby "Cookie" Cook (G)

Mel Counts (C)

Bob Cousy (HOF)

Johnny Cox (G)

- D -

Howard Dallmar (F)

Walt Davis (C)

Dave DeBusschere (HOF)

Archie Dees (F)

George Dempsey (G)

Dick Dickey (G)

Bob "Oscar" Dille (F)

Terry Dischinger (F)

Dave Downey (F)

Walter Dukes (C)

- E-F -

Ed Earle (F)

Don Eliason

Gene Englund (F)

Bill Evans (G)

Bob Faught (F)

Wes Fesler (G)

Bevo Francis (C)

- G -

Laddie Gale  (HOF)

Harry  Gallatin (HOF) 

Dave Gambee (F)

Jack Gardner (COA)

John "Dutch" Garfinkel (G)

Otto Graham (F)

Bud Grant (F)

Don Grate (F)

Dick Groat (G)

Alex Groza (C)

Richie Guerin (G)

Lee "Rubberlegs" Guttero (C)

- H-I -

Bill Hagler (C)

Chuck Halbert (C)

Cecil Hankins (G)

Vic Hanson (HOF)

Tom Heinsohn (HOF)

Dick Hemric (F)

Paul "Tony" Hinkle (COA)

Nat Holman (HOF)

Bob Houbregs (HOF)

Bailey Howell (HOF)

Vernon Huffman (F)

Hot Rod Hundley (G)

Mel Hutchins (C)

Hank Iba (COA)

- J-K -

Sam Jones (HOF)

Paul Judson (G)

Ed Kalafat (F)

Tommy Kearns (G)

Weldon Kern (G)

George King (G)

Bob Kinney (C)

Johnny Kotz

Ed "Moose" Krause (HOF)

John Kundla (HOF)

Bob Kurland (HOF)

- L -

Jack Landon (G)

York Larese (G)

Bob Lavoy (F)

Tom Lillis (C)

Jim Loscutoff (F)

Clyde Lovellette (HOF)

Hank Luisetti (HOF)

Ray Lumpp (G)

- M -

Gale McArthur (G)

Ed Macauley (HOF)

Jim McDaniels (F)

James Banks McFadden (C)

Al McGuire (HOF)

Dick McGuire (HOF)

Slater Martin (HOF)

Joel Mason (G)

Bill Melchionni (G)

Gene Melchiorre (G)

Ray Meyer (COA)

Ed Miller (F)

Harold "Hack" Miller (G)

Bill Mlkvy (F)

Doug Moe (F)

Max Morris (F)

Jeff Mullins (F)

- N-O-

Cotton Nash (F)

Johnny O'Brien (G)

Bennie Oosterbaan (F)

Johnny Orr (COA)

Kevin C. O'Shea (G)

- P-R -

Togo Palazzi (F)

Jack Parr (C)

Ray Patterson (C)

Bob Peterson (C)

Bob Pettit (HOF)

Jim Phelan (G)

Digger Phelps (COA)

Andy Phillip (HOF)

Jack Ramsay (COA)

Frank Ramsey (HOF)

Red Rocha (C)

Lenny Rosenbluth (F)

John Rudometkin (F)

- S -

Ben Schadler (F)

Dolph Schayes (HOF)

Ossie Schectman (G)

Otto "The Claw" Schnellbacher (F)

Sol "Butch" Schwartz (G)

Ken “Big Cat” Sears (F)

Frank Selvy (G)

Chuck Share (C)

Bill Sharman (HOF)

Gene Shue (G)

Larry Siegfried (G)

Paul Silas (F)

Meyer "Whitey" Skoog (G)

Dick Snyder (F)

Hank Soar (COA)

- T-Z - 

Bill Thieben (F)

John "Cat" Thompson (HOF)

Rod Thorn (G)

Bill Tosheff (G)

Charlie “Moose” Tyra (C)

Paul Unruh (C)

Hal Uplinger (G)

Ernie Vandeweghe (F)

Stan Watts (COA)

Nick Werkman (F)

Murray Wier (G)

George Yardley (HOF)

Jewell Young (F)

Watch a Video Clip of:

  • Red Auerbach (Coaches)
  • Louis "Boze" Berger  (Forwards)
  • Lou Carnesecca (Coaches)
  • Bob Cousy (Hall of Fame)
  • Tom Heinsohn (Hall of Fame)
  • Nat Holman  (Hall of Fame)
  • Hot Rod Hundley (Guards)
  • Sam Jones (Hall of Fame)
  • Ed "Moose" Krause  (Hall of Fame)
  • Bob Kurland  (Hall of Fame)
  • Hank Luisetti  (Hall of Fame)
  • Ray Meyer  (Coaches)
  • Johnny Orr (Coaches)
  • Togo Palazzi  (Forwards)
  • Bob Pettit  (Hall of Fame)
  • Frank Ramsey  (Hall of Fame)
  • Dolph Schayes  (Hall of Fame)
  • Frank Selvy  (Guards)
  • Larry Siegfried (Guards)
  • Jerry Tarkanian  (Coaches)

New Additions

George Bonsalle (Forwards)

Barney Cable (Forwards)

Lou Carnesecca (Coaches)

Len Chappell (Forwards)

Johnny Cox (Guards)

Dave Downey (Forwards)

Bill Evans (Guards)

Paul Judson (Guards)

Ed Kalafat (Centers)

Bob Kinney (Centers)

Tom Lillis (Centers)

Gale McArthur (Guards)

Jim McDaniels (Forwards)

Bill Melchionni (Guards)

Johnny Orr (Coaches)

Bob Peterson (Centers)

Jim Phelan (Coaches)

Digger Phelps (Coaches)

John Rudometkin (Forwards)

Gene Shue (Guards)

Dick Snyder (Forwards)

Hal Uplinger (Guards)

Nick Werkman (Forwards)