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Although I first started collecting vintage football autographs in the late 1980s, my collecting interests soon branched out to other sports. That happened after I began reading the sports pages of old newspapers on microfilm. I discovered the old sports cartoons. These cartoons were popular from after the turn of the century and started to disappear in newspapers about the late 1950s. The graphic images created by these wonderful cartoonists really appealed to me. I thought these old sports cartoons would make a wonderful medium for collecting autographs. Not only were they great visual images, but they gave historical context and information about the career of the athlete. I have a vast collection (numbering several thousand items) of vintage baseball, track and field, golf, basketball, tennis, and football autographs.

The autographed newspaper sports cartoons in my collection are somewhat unique. I found them in old newspapers, made copies of them, and sent them to the players to be signed. They were drawn by such great sports cartoonists as Tom Paprocki, Jack Sords, Alan Maver, and others. Some of the signed cartoons in my collection are shown on this web site.

In most instances, I display only a signature on this web site. I have letters and many other documents sent to me by these athletes. My collection is massive and historically valuable. Please inquire via the guestbook if you are interested to learn if I have other documents for a specific individual.

Bear with me while I put my collection in one website. Use the links above or click an image below to see what I have. Thanks for stopping by.

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